Kayleigh McEnany Emphasizes Trump’s Commitment To School Choice: ‘If Democrats Have Their Way…’ (VIDEO)

Whit House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany held a press conference this week, emphasizing President Trump’s commitment to school choice.

Unlike Democrats, President Trump doesn’t believe parents and children should be trapped in a failing government school.

And now, to make matters worse, Democrats are blocking the reopening of schools.

Here’s a transcript of McEnany’s remarks, via the White House:

MS. MCENANY: Hello, everyone. There has been no greater champion for rectifying racial and income disparities in America’s educational system than President Trump.

Every child regardless of race, income level, or zip code deserves an equal playing field of opportunity to access the American Dream. Making that goal a reality begins in our schools. The evidence is clear: An analysis of 41 major urban areas found that black and Hispanic students made the largest gains in educational access because of school choice, according to a CREDO study.

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That is why President Trump has been clear in saying in his State of the Union: “For too long, countless American children have been trapped in failing government schools. To rescue these students, 18 states have created school choice in the form of Opportunity Scholarships. The programs are so popular that tens of thousands of students remain on a waiting list.”

Now I go — “I call on Congress to give 1 million American children the same opportunity…Pass the Education Freedom Scholarships and Opportunities Act,” he said, “because no parents should be forced to send their child to a failing government school.”

Well, now, if Democrats have their way, children will not have access to schools at all. And that is not acceptable to President Trump. President Trump continues to fight for equal opportunity in our schools by boldly and firmly underscoring the absolute necessity of America’s schools to reopen this fall.

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The data is clear: Sustained school closures hurt students who have fewer resources the most.

Watch the video below:

Democrats are once again, playing politics with education.

At the root of the problem, is their political alliance with teacher unions.

Students are always the last consideration.


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