Kelly Riddell Predicts Trump Will Win Suburban Women Voters In 2020 (VIDEO)

Kelly Riddell is the Communications Director at America First Action.

She recently appeared on the Lou Dobbs show on the FOX Business Network and predicted that Trump will win the suburban women vote in 2020.

She makes a great case for her position.

When Dobbs asks her about the election, she says:

“The campaign just released some information about, basically, they’ve had over 10,000 women suburban donors, big money donors that have contributed $8 million dollars to the campaign, that puts the president as number one in kind of this large group of women, suburban donors among all of the campaigns, including the Democratic races that are going on.”

Watch the video below:

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The surge in donations Kelly is talking about was recently reported on by the Washington Examiner:

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Women donations for Trump surge, No. 1 in suburbs

Despite a crush of stories that suggest he is losing suburbs largely due to women deserting him, President Trump is seeing a surge in donations from women and is tops in receiving big checks from suburban women.

He has the most big-dollar suburban women donors, 10,534, and has received the most from them, $8,293,135, than any of the Democrats, according to a study from, part of the Center for Responsive Politics.

Overall, he ranks fifth in donations from women at $15.1 million. The leader is Sen. Bernie Sanders at $17.1 million, according to the group.

Statistically, 28% of Trump’s “itemized contributions” from women in 2016. For the 2020 election, they are 35%.

But it could be higher, and likely is, said OpenSecrets. That is because it is easier to get information on small donors who give $200 or less from Democrats than the Trump campaign.

If you listen to the liberal media, you will hear the exact opposite of this.

They are trying to create the narrative.

The voters will decide which is true.


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