Kellyanne BLASTS CNN ON CNN: ‘A Lot Of People On TV, Here And Elsewhere, TRYING TO CONFUSE PEOPLE’ (VIDEO)

The Dishonest Media keeps hammering the ridiculous ‘Russia hacking’ issue. They want to blame Russia for Hillary’s loss.

For the record, Hillary lost because she was a terrible candidate. Trump won because he spoke to the people. Trump won because he out-worked Hillary. Trump won because he put America first.

But people like CNN’s Chris Cuomo still don’t get it.

Kellyanne Conway went on Cuomo’s show and answered the ‘Russia hacking’ question again. And again. And again.

And then, she blasted CNN and Cuomo with this line: “There are a lot of people on TV, here and elsewhere, trying to confuse people into believing that that [Russia hacked the election] is the case.”

Watch (via New Day):

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From the video:

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Kellyanne: “There’s no smoking gun when it comes to the nexus between these hacking activities and the election results. And there are a lot of people on TV, here and elsewhere, trying to confuse people into believing that that is the case.”

Chris Cuomo: “Not here.”

Kellyanne: “Not on this set. Not at this moment. But Chris, here’s the thing: Where was the outrage? And frankly, where was the punishment  . . . when China hacked those personnel records?”

She’s so good!

She nailed Chris Cuomo again! She exposed the Dishonest Media again right on their own show!

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