Kellyanne Slams Media’s Fake Issues: Trump Is “MAKING GOOD ON HIS PROMISES” (VIDEO)

The Media is making up more fake issues.  

They’re accusing Trump of playing favorites on his “Thank You” tour.

They’re accusing Trump of moving too slow on appointments. And then, too fast.

They’re accusing Trump of anything they can think of . . .

Kellyanne Conway went on Fox to address these fake issues.

And she did it spectacularly. 

Watch (via Fox Business):

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From the video:

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Kellyanne: “People are just excited that you have a President-elect who is already making good on his promises. Not ‘growing in office,’ as so many of them do. They turn tail once they’re elected. You see it with the Carrier deal last week. People are asking me: ‘He’s going to these states that he won. Will he go to these states where he didn’t win or – Indiana was not a swing state. He won it by 10 points. He went there last week because that’s where the jobs were that needed to stay here, as opposed to going to Mexico. And he worked with a private company on a deal that made everybody happy.

If the media weren’t so dishonest, they’d report the facts:

Trump is keeping jobs in the U.S.

Trump is making deals where Americans benefit.

Americans are winning!

The Media can’t stand this. They’re making up fake issues to distract from the truth:

Trump is making good on his promises!

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