Kellyanne Takes On Anderson Cooper: “I Know CNN Must Be Feeling The Heat Today” (VIDEO)


Kellyanne stood up to Anderson Cooper on CNN today. And destroyed him!

Anderson Cooper tried to set the stage by saying CNN reporting was different from the uncorroborated salacious Buzzfeed report. Anderson Cooper tried to get Kellyanne to step away from Sean Spicer’s condemnation of CNN.

She didn’t!

And she said that CNN must be feeling the heat.

Anderson Cooper tried to interrupt her several times. But Kellyanne wouldn’t let him off the hook.


Some of Kellyanne’s best lines:

“I know CNN must be feeling the heat today.”

“If you couldn’t corroborate it, why did you link to it? Why did you link to fake news?”

“Why run a story based on anonymous sourcing that now has been rebutted about a 2 page appendix that is not true?”

“If cybersecurity was such a big priority to this Administration and the Democratic Party and its apologists in the media, then why didn’t you do more about it over the last eight years?”

“I’m surprised you just want to argue with me.”

After the interview, CNN reporters tried to claim that the CNN report didn’t “link” to the Buzzfeed article.

Kellyanne tweeted this out in reply:

And this:

Go, Kellyanne!!

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