Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin Predicts Republicans Will Hold House And Senate In Midterms (VIDEO)

Kentucky’s Republican Governor, Matt Bevin recently appeared on the Mark Levin show and predicted that Republicans will hold the House of Representatives and the Senate in the midterm elections this fall. He acknowledged the fact that this would be a rare situation, but said people have been hungry for what Trump and Republicans are getting done.

Here are some highlights from FOX News:

Governor Matt Bevin shares his 2018 midterm predictions

LEVIN: They keep talking about this blue wave and some of the early indications are there is going to be or maybe some kind of blue wave. You are a man of government, you’re a man of history, you’re a man of politics. What do you see happening here?

BEVIN: I am a student of history. I’ve always pride – I grew up in a home with no television so we did read a lot and I’ve always been intellectually curious about a variety of things. And I tend to look at statistics and they seem to stick in my head and I do know this, that in modern times, they’ve only been twice when there was not a midterm shift in power.

And so, it is the norm. It would be unusual if the Democrats did not take control of the House. In fact, the average has been 31 seats in each of the midterm elections that have changed parties. The Republicans have a 24-seat lead, I believe, which would imply that they would be seven seats down…

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Will the Republicans lose seats? Yes they will. It will be shocking if they did not. In fact, they will lose seats. Will they lose 31? I don’t believe so. Will they lose even 25? I don’t believe so. We will see.

I mean, the voters will decide. Every district is different. But the level of resentment that is held by a handful is not widespread among the people and I truly believe that people are grateful for the President, his willingness to shake things up, his willingness to deliver on promises that he made.

Watch the video:

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He makes a very good case!


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