Lady Gaga Teams With Joe Biden Against Sexual Assault – Has She Seen These Pictures?

You might be thinking this is parody but it’s not. Lady Gaga has joined forces with Joe Biden to create a very special message about sexual abuse.

The Hill reports:

Biden, Gaga release PSA on sexual assault

Former Vice President Joe Biden and musician Lady Gaga released a video on Wednesday urging action against sexual assault.

“We want to make it real clear, it’s on us — it’s on everyone — to intervene, to stop abuse when they see it and when they hear about it, and to intervene,” Biden says in the minute-long video posted on Lady Gaga’s Twitter account.

“No man has a right to raise a hand to a woman for any reason other than self-defense, ever. Period,” he continued.

The tweet promotes the “It’s On Us” campaign launched in 2014 by Biden and former President Obama. The initiative is aimed at ending sexual assault on college campuses.

“I am a sexual assault survivor, and I know the effects, the aftermath, the trauma — psychological, physical, mental,” Gaga said. “It can be terrifying waking up every day feeling unsafe in your own body.”

Watch the video:

Has Lady Gaga been asleep for the last eight years?


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