LAME: Michael Moore Launches Online Calendar To Track Anti-Trump Protests

Left wing loon Michael Moore is still operating under the delusional idea that he can end Trump’s presidency through protests. He’s not only crazy, he’s giving false hope to crazy leftists all over the country.

Now he’s launched a website to track anti-Trump protests.

The Hollywood reporter has the story:

Michael Moore Launches Trump Resistance Calendar

Michael Moore has launched a free Resistance Calendar website of everyday actions people can take across the country to oppose Donald Trump’s presidency.

The filmmaker has spoken out against Trump in multiple forums for months, even warning Americans last summer that Trump was likely to win the 2016 election, only to be disappointed to see his prediction come true.

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Since Trump’s election, Moore has urged his supporters to resist the president in social media posts and appearances at rallies like the Women’s March. Now, he’s launched a tool to help those interested in protesting Trump’s administration to do so on a daily basis.

Late Sunday night, Moore tweeted a link to the calendar, which features a variety of “anti-Trump, pro-democracy” events, as Moore called them, across the country (and even overseas), under each day. For instance, some of Monday’s events include a “flood the phones” initiative to call the White House comment line and Trump’s companies to demand that he resign, an invitation to wear all black as a form of dissent and rallies in several cities across the country.

People can also submit additional events directly on the website, with Moore’s team curating the listings “to guarantee accuracy.”

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This won’t accomplish anything.

It will give some liberals a false sense that they’re making a difference but in the long run it’s useless.


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