LAP DOG: Jon Karl Of ABC News Makes Excuses For Joe Biden Hiding From The Press (VIDEO)

For the last four years, whenever the press wasn’t sure about something, they would speculate wildly and imagine all kinds of awful reasons for why Trump was or was not doing something.

Under Biden, it’s the exact opposite. They make excuses for him.

Joe Biden has gone almost two months without holding a press conference, but Jon Karl of ABC News is trying to help cover for Biden by explaining it way.

News Busters reports:

Just Pathetic: Watch ABC’s Jon Karl Make Excuses for Biden Hiding From WH Press

ABC’s Chief Washington Correspondent Jonathan Karl appeared on ABC’s two morning shows, Good Morning America and The View Wednesday to plug the updated, paperback edition of his book, “Front Row at the Trump Show.”

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On both programs, the former ABC White House correspondent spoke glowingly about the Biden administration, comparing it favorably to the Trump administration. Some of Karl’s defenses for the Biden administration were just plain pathetic.

This is what Karl said:

“You know, I think that the lack of press conferences is because he doesn’t want to be dominating the news right now,” Karl praised, touting that selfless Biden, “wants to get back to a new sense of normal where the chaos and crisis and drama in the West Wing of the White House isn’t dominating the world’s attention.”

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Watch the video below:

On a related note, Biden has finally announced he will give a press conference 10 days from now.

Is there any wonder why Biden needs so much preparation time?


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