Larry King Blasts Trump Obsessed Cable News, Calls Out CNN As Liberal (AUDIO)

Legendary news man Larry King blasted cable news media during a recent appearance on the Adam Carolla show. He said that they are too obsessed with Trump and even blasted his old network CNN for their liberal politics.

From Real Clear Politics:

Larry King Rips Cable News Networks: There Is No News Anymore, “It’s All Trump”; Calls CNN Liberal

King complained about the age of partisan cable news channels, the overuse of the ‘breaking news’ alert, and the lack of actual news aired on the networks. King was not afraid to criticize his long-time former network CNN. He said the network is “all panels,” often with 8 (or more) guests.

The former CNN host said MSNBC is liberal, FOX News is conservative, and his former home is “sorta liberal.”

King also said the recent interview of porn star Stormy Daniels is all about “audience” and the networks know they can get eyes with that type of TV. King called it “laborious” and said there is “no news” on cable news networks anymore.

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“It’s all Trump. There are no news,” he said.

“We don’t have any kind of shows like I used to do,” King lamented. “They don’t exist. It’s all spit it out, get it in, get it on. 24 hour news.”

“Everything is breaking news. Do you notice that?” King asked.

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“Yes,” the Carolla crew answered in unison.

Listen to the audio:

King is right. Will the media listen to him?



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