LAUGHABLE: CNN Legal Analyst Claims There Were No Scandals In The Obama White House (VIDEO)

One of the most amazing things about the propagandists in the liberal media is that they actually seem to believe their own lies. Take this story for example. CNN’s legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin recently said on the air that the Obama White House had no scandals.

The rest of the CNN panel agreed and just nodded along. They really believe this is true.

The Washington Free Beacon reported:

CNN Panel: ‘There Were No Scandals’ in Obama’s White House

There were no scandals in former President Barack Obama’s administration, CNN’s chief legal analysts agreed Monday night.

“You know, people in Barack Obama’s White didn’t have to hire lawyers because there were no scandals,” Jeffery Toobin said.

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When his fellow “Situation Room” panelists laughed, Toobin doubled down, referencing former president George W. Bush’s administration.

“It’s true,” he said. “George W. Bush, there were no scandals to speak of in the White House.”

Toobin’s comment came during a discussion about Rep. Jerry Nadler’s (D., N.Y.) decision to ask 81 people and organizations to turn over information for the House Oversight Committee’s investigation into President Donald Trump’s business dealings.

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Fellow panelist and CNN chief political analyst Gloria Borger nodded her head after Toobin’s comments.

“That’s the way it is now,” she said. “That’s the way it is now.”

Watch the video:

Suggesting Obama had no scandals is a big fat lie.

Here’s a partial list, via Breitbart:

The great “stimulus” heist: Obama seems to think nobody will remember he grabbed almost a trillion dollars for “stimulus” spending, created virtually zero private-sector jobs with it, allowed a great deal of the money to vanish into thin air, and spent the rest of his presidency complaining that he needed hundreds of billions more to repair roads and bridges.

Operation Fast and Furious: Obama partisans seem to think any given example of abuse or ineptitude by their man stopped being a “scandal” the moment it seemed clear he wouldn’t be impeached over it.

Spying on journalists: Establishment media came about as close to falling out of love with Barack Obama as ever when his administration was caught spying on journalists.

The IRS scandal: The selective targeting of conservative groups by a politicized Internal Revenue Service was a scandal grenade Democrats and their media pals somehow managed to smother, even though the story began with the IRS admitting wrongdoing.

Benghazi: This is the clearest example of Obama and his supporters thinking all of his pre-2012 scandals ceased to exist the moment he won re-election.

Again, that’s just a partial list.


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