LAUGHABLE: Don Lemon And WaPo Reporters Insist The Media Is Not At War With President Trump (VIDEO)

During a recent CNN broadcast, Don Lemon and two reporters for the Washington Post insisted that the media is not at war with President Trump.

If that is true, they sure have a funny way of showing it.

For three straight years, the media has been overwhelmingly and harshly negative about anything related to Trump. And not just once in a while. It has been almost constant.

It seems a little more than insincere for these media folks to make such a claim.

News Busters reports:

IRONY: Lemon, WashPost Reporters Insist Media Are Not a Political Party or ‘At War’ with Trump

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On the same CNN Tonight in which host Don Lemon refused to apologize for his venomous Saturday night segment against Trump supporters, Lemon and guests Washington Post journalists Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker hilariously insisted Wednesday that the media are not a political party, “not at war” with the Trump administration, and journalists “apologize” when they get stories “wrong.”

Oh, and in the words of Rucker, President Trump exhibits “authoritarian impulses.” But remember that we’re supposed to trust them when they say they’re not working on behalf of the left against the right or trying to remove the President from office.

The pair spent much of the segment plugging the new book A Very Stable Genius by Leonnig and Rucker, but they concluded with a clip of Trump praising Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for his verbal tussle with NPR’s Mary Louise Kelly.

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Leonnig had the first crack, parroting her boss and Post executive editor Marty Baron by lamenting that “the President has made the media a separate party in a way in our democracy and that is not our job” because “[w]e are at work, as you are, trying to report the facts and we’re not at war with the administration.”

Watch the video:

Does anyone in the media realize that people remember how differently they treated Obama?

Do they really think no one can see the difference?


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