LAUGHABLE: Don Lemon Insists CNN Isn’t Liberal

During a recent appearance on the far left Colbert show, far left Don Lemon, insisted that far left CNN isn’t liberal.

Maybe Don has a point. CNN isn’t liberal as much as it is far left.

Still, this was a ridiculous statement by Lemon. He was really trying to suggest that CNN is impartial, which it most certainly is not.

Hot Air reported:

Lemon: CNN was never liberal, you know

In a question that Colbert asked Lemon, he asked if it is now forbidden for the network to be liberal, taking into account CNN’s new top man, Chris Licht. Lemon’s answer was classic gaslighting. What? Liberal? “I don’t think we ever were liberal,” Lemon responded. Really?

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I mean, even the super-liberal Colbert was stunned by Lemon’s response. “What?” Colbert shockingly reacted. “That’s not me saying that, that’s the people out there saying he’s not letting you be liberal anymore.”

FOX News has more on the exchange:

“Well listen, I think what Chris is saying is that he wants Republicans – sensible Republicans, he wants us to hold people to account, but he wants people to come on and feel comfortable with coming on and talking on CNN and appearing on CNN,” Lemon said. “So if you invite someone to your house, you want to make them comfortable but also by the nature of what we do, we have to hold people to account.”

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“And so that doesn’t necessarily mean we’re going liberal or conservative or whatever, it just means that we are doing what we do and that’s good journalism,” Lemon added.

“So accountable but not confrontational,” Colbert said.

“I think sometimes one must be confrontational,” the CNN host pushed back. “Look, I don’t think that a conversation on television should be any different than a conversation in person. Listen, I have confrontational conversations with people I love and I have unconformable conversations with people I love and I think it’s necessary. And I think it’s also necessary to do that on television, on CNN, but you can do that without being vitriolic. I think not being vitriolic is maybe a better way of putting it, but you can do that and not have vitriol. As people say, you can disagree without being disagreeable. And so I think that’s what our mission is.”

Sensible Republicans? Does he mean people like Liz Cheney?

Does he mean Republicans who hate Trump? Those seem to be CNN’s favorite kind of Republicans.


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