LAUGHABLE: Nancy Pelosi Claims Democrats Have ‘Always Been’ Unifying The Country (VIDEO)

During a recent appearance on ABC News, Nancy Pelosi actually claimed that Democrats have been unifying the country.

This is a complete lie but Pelosi knew she wouldn’t be called out for it.

Democrats have done nothing but demonize half of the country as fascists for months. Everyone knows this, including Pelosi.

Red State reports:

Pelosi Busts out Stand-up Comedy Gig, Says Democrats Have ‘Always Been’ Unifying the Country

In this episode of Democrats Say the Darnedest Things…

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We’ve long known that soon-to-be-erstwhile Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been among the most brazen and shameless political hacks on Capitol Hill for decades. But now, a bit of reality seems to be seeping into her delusional head [sarc]. As a result, Pelosi appears to be considering stand-up comedy as her next gig.

Following a question on Sunday by ABC’s George Stephanopoulos about what post-midterms steps the Democrats should take to help bring the country together, Pelosi busted out a comedy routine:

“We have always been taking that step because we honor our oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, and that should be a unifying principle for us. Uh, with many of our bills we worked very hard to make ‘bipartisan, bipartisan, bipartisan,’ and while the bills were bipartisan, the votes were not.”

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Descriptors like “delusional” are overused in hyperbolic fashion, but what else can you call that?

Here’s the video:

Nancy must have missed Biden’s poisonous anti-MAGA speech. It was far from unifying.

If we had an honest media, Pelosi would have been challenged about this.

There are countless examples of Democrats saying offensive and divisive things about Republicans, conservatives and Trump supporters.


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