LAUGHABLE: Nancy Pelosi Thinks MSNBC Is Too Fair To Republicans (VIDEO)

Nancy Pelosi was recently interviewed on MSNBC and was asked about the debate over police reform.

At one point she was asked if she would ever apologize for saying Republicans, which naturally, she won’t.

She also suggested that MSNBC is too fair to Republicans.

It’s amazing that she can say such a thing with a straight face.

News Busters reports:

What a JOKE: Pelosi Says MSNBC Is Being Too ‘Fair’ to Republicans

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Apparently MSNBC is not deep enough in the pocket of the Democratic Party for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s liking. That’s what the far-left lawmaker told anchor Peter Alexander late Wednesday morning when he decided to actually briefly do his job and ask one challenging question during an otherwise softball interview.

During the 11:00 a.m. Eastern hour, the fill-in host dared to question Pelosi’s abhorrent rhetoric regarding Republican police reform legislation:

Madam speaker, let me ask you about police reform. Obviously a major issue as we see this wave of protests continuing across the country right now. You’ve echoed your Democratic colleagues who have said that the Republican bill is in their words, in your words, unsalvageable. When you were speaking yesterday, you said Republicans are trying to get away with murder actually, the murder of George Floyd. Senate Republicans are demanding an apology for that statement. Will you apologize?

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…Pelosi’s nasty, unapologetic response was even more ridiculous. In a truly laughable moment, she actually argued that left-wing propaganda outfits like MSNBC were giving “too much credit” to the GOP:

Absolutely, positively not. The fact is — I think you frankly in the press have given them far too much credit for a bill that does nothing. You’re saying, you have their bill, they have theirs. Their bill does nothing.

Watch the video:

There is only one remedy for this.

Republicans must take the House back in November.


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