LAUGHABLE: White House Tries To Claim Biden’s Philadelphia Speech Wasn’t Political

The White House scrambled this week to contain the fallout of Joe Biden’s horrible speech and to claim that it wasn’t political.

The speech was an utter disgrace and it was 100 percent political. Biden used the event to demonize his opposition. That was the whole point of the speech and it was obvious.

For them to say this wasn’t political is laughable.

Townhall reports:

‘Not Political’: White House Scrambles to Defend Biden’s Indefensible Speech

Following Biden’s divisive speech Thursday night, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre took a combative tone on Friday while responding to critical questions from reporters who called out her earlier claims that Biden wouldn’t be “political” in his speech that wouldn’t be about “one political party” or “one political person.”

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For those who missed it, Biden called out Donald Trump by name and repeatedly attacked “MAGA Republicans” while urging his supporters to “vote, vote, vote,” in his address that was, according to the White House, not political.

“The way we see it here, and I would argue the way many Americans across the country see it, is standing up for democracy is not political,” Jean-Pierre insisted despite Biden’s caustic attack on tens of millions of Americans.

“Denouncing political violence is not political,” she added while apparently forgetting that Biden’s selective denunciations failed to condemn Antifa and BLM violence in 2020 as well as the targeting of Supreme Court Justices in 2022 — including the attempted assassination of Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

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Watch below:

For her to be making these claims is just absurd.

They’re not fooling anyone.


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