Laura Ingraham: Left’s Attacks On First Lady Melania Show How Desperate They Are (VIDEO)

In recent days, the far left has been reduced to attacking First Lady Melania Trump over her choice of footwear. Conservative talk host Laura Ingraham appeared on the Hannity Show and pointed out that this is nothing more than a sign of how desperate liberals have become.

Here’s a transcript, via Real Clear Politics:

SEAN HANNITY, FOX NEWS: You know, I wish I could have a sense of humor and say the media is just irresponsible and hateful. The attacks against our first lady and the first daughter and an 11-year-old kid and anybody that likes Trump, this is about as low as you get when you attack the shoes of the first lady as she is going to help people out that are still — that have lost everything. I can’t even imagine how we got to this point.

LAURA INGRAHAM: I think it’s a sign of how desperate the left is. It’s a sign of how absolutely unhinged they are. And I love how they are always for individual expression, expression in your sexuality, expression in your views on abortion, expression on a whole bunch of things. But now you can’t express yourself in the way you dress. They are for dressing in all manner of crazy fashion choices except Melania for some period of time decides she wants to wear heels and she had sneakers on. Big deal. We have a catastrophe in Texas. We are dealing with it the best we can.

Watch the video:

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Ingraham is absolutely correct. You know Trump is doing a good job when all the left has is Melania’s shoes.


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