Laura Ingraham: Liberals Want Illegal Immigrants To Replace Traditional American Voters (VIDEO)

FOX News host Laura Ingraham made an excellent point this weekend about the true intentions of Liberals on illegal immigration. She suggested that the left wants to essentially replace the American electorate.

Here’s a transcript via Breitbart:

INGRAHAM: I think the real reason ultimately, Jesse, is they want to replace the current electorate in the United States with a new electorate — and that new electorate — and electorate that in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, Florida — with a new electorate. And that new electorate, if the demographic changes bear out that we’ve seen develop in Virginia, that will create a California, a Florida, a Texas that looks like Connecticut, New York and Massachusetts. So, I think the Democrats want the replace, you know, the old, white yaahoo conservatives with a new group of people who might be more amenable to big government and don’t necessarily have a big affection for the Second Amendment or the Constitution.

And a lot of Republicans don’t want to secure the border because they want the cheap labor. And so, there was an unholy alliance between the left and the right for years until Trump came along and basically called them on their you-know-what and said, ‘Uh uh uh, this is what the people want. They want a real border. They want a real government and they want safety and security. He ran on protecting Americans and illegal immigrants from this kind of carnage.

Watch the video:

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She’s right.


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