Left Wing Actor John Cusack Calls For A Coup Against President Trump ‘HIT THE STREETS!’

John Cusack was a big star in the 80’s and 90’s. Now he has a reputation for being a far left moonbat who enjoys blocking conservatives on Twitter. Recently however, he said some things he may come to regret.

The Blaze reports:

Leftist actor goes on unhinged rant calling for a Trump coup: ‘Hit the streets!’

Actor John Cusack embarked on a Twitter rant Tuesday night in which he called for the American people to stage an overthrow of President Donald Trump’s presidency over the immigration policy.

What did he say?

During his tirade, Cusack called Trump “ill, deranged, and dangerous,” and suggested for people to take to the streets, where “civil disobedience” occurs.

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He also appeared to reference a viral photo, featuring children in cages at the southern border and attributed it to Trump’s immigration policies.

The photo went viral last week, and Trump responded to the social media outcry over the photo.

“Democrats mistakenly tweet 2014 pictures from Obama’s term showing children from the Border in steel cages,” Trump wrote. “They thought it was recent pictures in order to make us look bad, but backfires. Dems must agree to Wall and new Border Protection for good of country…Bipartisan Bill!”

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Cusack kicked off his anti-Trump tirade by writing, “Let’s go to streets. Who owns the streets? Civil disobedience. Require the government to leave if you are not satisfied with it. We need to kick Trump out of the office now. He’s ill, deranged and dangerous. He’s putting children in cages — f*** the Nazi s- shut them down.”

Do folks like Cusack have any idea how this sounds to people who don’t live in their little bubble?



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