Left Wing Actor Wil Wheaton Driven From Social Media By Social Justice Warriors

The left is eating its own once again. Actor Wil Wheaton is a creature of the far left. He helped whip up the left wing mob on Twitter many times. Now he has become a target of the mob and has been driven off social media as a result.

The Daily Wire reports:

Actor Wil Wheaton Driven Off Social Media By Fellow Social Justice Warriors

Actor Wil Wheaton, one of the pioneers of social justice-focused social media call-out culture — which “outs” actors, entertainers, and comedians over their “problematic” tweets — has reportedly been driven off both Twitter and its “safe space” alternative, Mastodon, by fellow social justice warriors.

Wheaton has long been a leading SJW voice, often supporting the practice of “de-platforming,” or denying a voice to people on social media who hold “controversial” views — that is, people who aren’t sufficiently progressive enough or dare to disagree with the progressive mainstream.

He left Twitter as part of the “#DeactiDay” protest, where prominent left-leaning “verified accounts” deleted their own accounts on the social network in order to force Twitter’s administration to boot InfoWars host Alex Jones (Jones is still on Twitter).

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But since Wheaton couldn’t live without micro-blogging, he set up shop on Mastadon with his fellow SJWs, some of whom found Wheaton insufficiently social justice-y for the safe space network.

He’ll probably come back eventually when the noise dies down. Until then, he can enjoy the monster he helped to create.


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