Left Wing BuzzFeed Slammed For Posting Racist Story About Things White People ‘Ruined’ In 2017

The left wing site BuzzFeed is at it again. They recently published an article about all the things white people ruined in 2017. Can you imagine them saying something like that about any other race? Of course not.

Now they’re getting slammed. The Hill reports:

BuzzFeed faces blowback for ’37 things white people ruined this year’ story

BuzzFeed is taking heat on social media after publishing a story titled “37 things white people ruined need to stop ruining in 2018” on Wednesday afternoon.

Included on the list is the argument that white people ruined the United States by voting for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton by a 58-37 percent margin.

Other items on Buzzfeed’s list include macaroni and cheese, protests and the national anthem.

The blowback from some conservative media members on social media was swift.

What is wrong with the people at BuzzFeed?


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