Left Wing Comedian Sarah Silverman: Teen Climate Activist Greta Thunberg Is The Second Coming Of Jesus Christ

Many people have said that for the far left, climate change is kind of like a religion.

There are good reasons for this.

If you don’t agree with them, they treat you like a heretic. If you don’t support their plans to deal with climate change, you’re a sinner. You get the point.

But now the left wing comedian Sarah Silverman is confirming this theory.

She thinks the teen climate activist Greta Thunberg is the second coming of Jesus.

Take a look:

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You might think she’s joking, but there really is a religious angle to climate change for the left. Just ask Pete Buttigieg.

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From The Independent:

Pete Buttigieg has called climate change a religious crisis — but is he brave enough to do it in evangelical Texas?

At the recent CNN town hall on climate disruption, the big-screen backdrop behind the hosts and the candidates did not read “Climate Change,” it read “Climate Crisis.” And at least three of those who spoke — Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Pete Buttigieg — characterized this crisis as a moral crisis. Buttigieg, however, went a step further and turned the moral crisis into a religious crisis.

“Let’s talk in language,” he began, “that is understood across the heartland, about faith. You know, if you believe that God is watching as poison is being belched into the air of creation, and people are being harmed by it, countries put at risk in low-lying areas, what do you suppose God thinks of that?” His answer: God would call it “a sin.”

“You don’t have to be religious,” he added, “to see the moral dimension of this because, frankly, every religion and nonreligious moral tradition tells us that we have some responsibility to stewardship, some responsibility for taking care of what’s around us, not to mention taking care of our neighbor.”

Do these people have any idea how insane any of this sounds to average Americans?

Apparently not.


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