Left Wing Host Bill Maher Hoping For Recession To Bring Down Trump (VIDEO)

Left wing talk host Bill Maher is so desperate for Democrats to beat Trump in 2020 that he is willing to sacrifice America’s current economic success.

He said on his show this weekend that he is still hoping for a recession.

Guys like Bill Maher don’t have to worry about money during a recession, so he’s putting his political desires above the well being of millions of Americans.

FOX News reports:

Bill Maher: Recession would be ‘worth it’ if Trump doesn’t get re-elected

HBO host Bill Maher continued hoping for a recession on his show “Overtime” Friday, saying that the economic fallout would be “worth it” if it prevented President Trump from serving another term in office.

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Maher reiterated his desire for a recession that would tank Trump’s political prospects before the 2020 election. That prompted business columnist Josh Barro to remind Maher that “recessions are really bad” and that people lost their jobs as a result.

“I know,” Maher responded, “but it’s worth it.” His comments came as Democrats tried to attack the president amid stellar economic metrics.

Barro told Maher that the regular cycle of economics didn’t necessarily guarantee a recession near the 2020 election. “Recessions don’t come because they’re due. Recessions come because there’s some kind of overheating — something goes wrong in the economy,” he said.

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Barro added that while the president faced a problem in the economy slowing down, he didn’t see any signs that a major recession was on its way.

Watch the video:

The truth is that Bill Maher is absolutely panicked that Democrats are blowing it.

He said so during another segment of the show.


This Twitter reaction is perfect:

We couldn’t have said it better.


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