Left Wing Professor Who Blamed ‘Trumpism’ For Las Vegas Shooting Quits His Job

After the horrific shooting in Las Vegas this year, a far left professor at Drexel University blamed “Trumpism’ for the violence. He is now claiming that he’s getting threats and is quitting his job. He has a history of saying controversial things though. He once wished for ‘white genocide’ on Twitter.

FOX News has the story:

Professor who blamed ‘Trumpism’ for Las Vegas massacre resigns

A far-left Drexel University professor — known for making inflammatory remarks on social media — is resigning from his teaching job, blaming a right-wing “internet mob” for alleged “harassment.”

George Ciccariello-Maher, an associate professor of politics and global studies at the Philadelphia school, will be leaving next year, he said in a statement Thursday.

He blamed “right-wing, white supremacist media outlets and internet mobs” that allegedly harassed him for nearly a year.

“Staying at Drexel in the eye of this storm has become detrimental to my own writing, speaking and organizing,” he wrote.

The professor had drawn attention for a series of inflammatory remarks. Most recently, he was placed on administrative leave after he blamed the Oct. 1 Las Vegas massacre of 58 people on the “narrative of white victimization” and “Trumpism.”

This guy is not a victim. He has repeatedly said inflammatory things on Twitter which were meant to be hurtful.

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