Left Wing Protesters Arrested For Trying To Block ICE Facility In Portland (VIDEO)

A group of left wing agitators in Portland, Oregon got more than they bargained for this week when they decided to try to block their local ICE office. They were arrested.

PJ Media reports:

Eight Shrieking Occupiers Arrested Outside of Portland ICE Facility

Eight occupiers were arrested at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement office in Portland on Wednesday morning after they tried to block a transport van from leaving the facility.

Federal officers arrived to shrieks of “f*ck you!” and immediately went to work moving the occupiers out of the van’s way. Noncompliant anarchists were shot with pepper spray and pepper balls. They also used a taser on one protester and tackled some of the more resistant occupiers to the ground. Federal police said activists, some of whom were wearing shields, were throwing objects at them.

“What is f*cking wrong with you , you f*cking scumbags!” one of the occupiers screeched. A deafening cacophony of “f*ck you’s” soon followed.

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“Is that how you f*cking treat women?!” a woman bellowed. “Shame! Shame!”

In their own minds, these deluded and insane occupiers are heroes fighting for a just cause. But to most people, they just look like unhinged commie brats starring in mortifyingly bad street theater.

Watch the video below. Strong language warning:

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Does the left really think displays like this are going to help them win elections?


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