Left Wing Publications Go After Joe Biden: “Looks Less Electable Every Day”

The mainstream media outlets are still defending Joe Biden but the far left is losing patience with him quickly.

Not only do the grassroots people on the left want a candidate more like Bernie, they also believe Biden would lose badly to Trump.

Keep in mind that this article is from the left wing outlet Salon:

Amid the rising tide of “gaffes,” Joe Biden looks less electable every day

Is former Vice President Joe Biden’s “electability” argument weakening?

From the beginning of his 2020 campaign, Biden has banked his nomination chances not on arguing that he’s the best candidate, either in terms of policy or enthusiasm, but that he is the only one “safe” enough to run against Donald Trump in the general election.

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Coasting on his association with the wildly popular Barack Obama, Biden’s strategy has been to appeal to skittish Democratic voters who might not themselves have much personal zeal for the former veep, but who believe he won’t scare off those fragile working-class white voters in the Midwest who have become such a focus of media attention since Trump’s election.

“Maybe you have to swallow a little bit and say, ‘OK, I personally like so and so better,’ but your bottom line has to be that we have to beat Trump,” Jill Biden told a group of New Hampshire teachers last month, capturing the “settle for me” strategy that apparently fuels her husband’s campaign…

First of all, Biden’s unfortunate tendency to say dumb or untrue things, which helped end his presidential ambitions in 1988 and 2008, is proving yet again to be a little more troublesome than the word “gaffe” implies.

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On the contrary, it’s starting to seem more like an indifference to the truth that borders on mendacity, or an ego too big to admit that it’s naughty to tell lies. Or, as some have suggested, it could also be evidence that Biden, who will be 78 years old on Inauguration Day in 2021, is slipping mentally.

It’s not just Salon, either.

This is from the left leaning New York Daily News:

A lament for Joe Biden

Bid farewell to Joe Biden. I say that with regret, for the former vice president is the nicest of fellows, lacking malice, who likes people and likes doing something for them. Yet, his gaffes continue feeding the impression that he is a touch gaga, and, worse, no one can complete the sentence: “Joe Biden because …”

That’s not the case with Elizabeth Warren, who is an ideologue (that’s not an insult) — or with Bernie Sanders, another ideologue (that is an insult) or with some of the other Democratic presidential candidates…

Biden’s problem is not only today, but tomorrow. He is 76 and, if elected president, would be in his 80s before the end of his first term. Not even Winston Churchill had all his faculties at that age. And while Biden, who unlike Sir Winston does not have whiskey for breakfast, seems in excellent physical shape, his campaign thus far gives no reassurance that he is of keen mind.



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