Left Wing Talking Points: MSNBC Hosts Push Wealth Redistribution (VIDEO)

Many people who work in our media are far more left wing than you even know. Recently on MSNBC, Katy Tur and Ali Velshi were talking about failing public schools in Los Angeles and began pushing the idea of wealth redistribution to remedy the problem.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

MSNBC Hosts Promote Liberal Dogma: ‘Spread the Wealth’ Works, Trickle Down Economics Doesn’t

MSNBC Hosts Ali Velshi and Katy Tur advocated “spreading the wealth” for a better school system while discussing the Los Angeles teachers strike while hosting MSNBC on Wednesday.

Velshi said schools need more money to ensure better education in the future.

“We have thought that, if you just keep on defunding schools, it will adjust itself, class sizes will get a little larger but everybody will just manage,” he said.

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“You can’t begrudge a parent for wanting to take their child out of a school and putting them into another one if they can afford it,” Tur said. “But at the same time, a rising tide lifts all boats, in the community and the school in the community, and spreading the wealth.”

“Yep, you’re preaching to the choir,” Velshi said in agreement.

Watch the video:

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Less than a decade ago, these people would never discuss socialist ideas like this so openly. But the Democrats have gone so far left that their fans in media don’t believe they have to hide it anymore.


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