Leftist Media Gushes Over Michelle Obama’s “Great Speech” (VIDEO)

Leftist Media All Lathered Up Over Michelle's "Great Speech" (Video)

These lefty zealots are beside themselves with praise and accolades for the racist rant from Michelle Obama at the DNC on Monday night. So much so they have elevated her speech to one of  the greatest moments in world history.  . . .  I must have missed something. But here’s what they had to say about Michelle on The Morning Joe as reported by News Busters.

If you watched Morning Joe on Tuesday, you would think Michelle Obama was the only person who spoke on the first night of the Democratic National Convention. Co-host Mika Brzezinski called the First Lady’s remarks “chilling” while Willie Geist hailed it as “the greatest in the history of conventions.” Co-host Joe Scarborough went so far as to say “her optimism and her hope reminded me of Ronald Reagan.”

Panelist after panelist took turns gushing over Michelle Obama.

MARK HALPERIN: One of the best speeches I’ve seen at a convention, and it fused the personal with a political for a purpose. She talked about her own life to try to make the point she wanted to make that Hillary Clinton should be the next president. And you know some of the other speeches were solid. But Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren came after her, and she was a very tough act to follow. 

WILLIE GEIST: I think history will remember First Lady’s speech as one of the greatest in history of conventions, it’s in the pantheon now of the great speeches. 

The gushing just gets sloppier.

Watch the video:

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And then there’s more…

It didn’t stop there, as Mike Barnicle had to put Michelle in the category of Democratic “greats” such as Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton.

MIKE BARNICLE: Well you hit on what I think is the key of the greatness of her speech, how the speech will resonate. I’ve seen a lot of great speeches at conventions, Mario Cuomo in 84, Ted Kennedy in 1980, Barack Obama in 2004. Bill Clinton in 2012. I have never seen a speech, given the presentation from a nonpolitician really, the first lady. 

BRZEZINSKI: From the heart. 

BARNICLE: The presentation, but the content of the speech from the beginning about watching her children go off to school. 

BRZEZINSKI: Chilling. 

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And of course they don’t leave the situation without first throwing stones at the RNC and their programming/speeches.

The most chilling remarks came from Brzezinski, who attacked the “whitewash” speeches given at the Republican National Convention just last week.

Michelle Obama talking about living in a home that slaves built and watching her children, parallel that story and that sense of wonder to how great this country is and what hurdles we can overcome to, well, Donald Trump spent five minutes with me on the phone. I mean these stories at the Republican National Convention were a joke. They weren’t real. They weren’t personal. They didn’t have a sense of history or connection with this country. They were like this sort of whitewash. And I know they were trying to personalize Donald Trump but then listen to Michelle Obama’s speech and tell me what feels personal.

Yeah, it’s a head scratcher, alright. It’s amazing how anyone, who knows the facts, can be so captivated by lies and deception. It would be entertaining if it weren’t so disgusting.

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