Leftists Telling Restaurants What Ethnic Food They’re Allowed To Serve

What the left wants more than anything, is the power to control others. They want to control what you can and can’t say, wear, do, or eat.

In Oregon, they even want to control what kinds of foods business owners can serve and they’re claiming it’s about cultural appropriation. In other words, a white person shouldn’t be allowed to serve Mexican food.

Robby Soave reports at Reason:

White-Owned Restaurants Shamed for Serving Ethnic Food: It’s Cultural Appropriation

If you’re a white person, you have no business running a restaurant that serves Asian, Latin, African, or Indian cuisine.

That’s according to the creators of a “white-owned appropriative restaurants” list, which accuses several Oregon establishments of engaging in cultural appropriation—a tool of “a white supremacist culture.”

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The list, a Google Docs spreadsheet, includes about 60 Portland-area restaurants, the names of their white owners, and the kind of cuisine they serve. (For example, the list informs us that Burmasphere “was founded by a white man who ate Burmese food in San Francisco.”) The spreadsheet also lists competing restaurants that are owned by people of color and urges customers to try them instead.

“This is NOT about cooking at home or historical influences on cuisines; it’s about profit, ownership, and wealth in a white supremacist culture,” wrote the spreadsheet’s authors. “These white-owned businesses hamper the ability for POC [people of color] to run successful businesses of their own (cooking their own cuisines) by either consuming market share with their attempt at authenticity or by modifying foods to market to white palates. Their success further perpetuates the problems stated above. It’s a cyclical pattern that will require intentional behavior change to break.”

This is the left, folks. This is who they are and what they do.

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If this strain of Progressives ever gets into power, they will make life miserable for everyone.


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