Legal Scholar: Obama Era Policies Have Turned Some Schools Into War Zones (VIDEO)

Heather Mac Donald is a Manhattan Institute Scholar and an expert in law enforcement policy, among other things. Last night on the Tucker Carlson show, she talked about an Obama era school policy which is encouraging mayhem in some American classrooms.

PJ Media has details:

Heather Mac Donald Blasts ‘Ludicrous’ Obama-Era School Discipline Policy that Turned Schools into War Zones

The Trump administration is reportedly planning to scrap a controversial Obama-era education regulation that penalized schools for having disparate rates of discipline and turned school districts across the country into war zones…

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The Manhattan Institute’s Heather Mac Donald told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Friday night that the policy was built “on the theory that the only possible reason why black students may be suspended at higher rates than white students is teacher bias.”

Mac Donald explained that schools were warned by the Obama administration that they would lose federal funding and be taken to court unless they got their suspension and expulsion rates down.

As a result, “schools simply stopped imposing completely legitimate consequences for very serious forms of school disorder,” she said.

“The premise underlying this Obama policy was completely false,” she continued. “It assumes without even trying to prove that there can be no behavioral disparities between black and white students.”

Watch the video:

At least the Obama era is over and changes can be made.

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