LET THEM DO IT! Conservatives Should Fully Support California’s Effort To Secede From The U.S.

Californians who want their state to secede from the union are now able to gather signatures to place the issue on a ballot. They will easily reach the requisite number of signers.

Conservatives should cheer this effort. Let them do it. Let them have California. It would be a great thing for right leaning Americans if California leaves the union. They will be taking their massive debt and backwards values with them. Not to mention their 55 Electoral College votes.

The liberal left is doing this as an act of defiance against Trump’s victory in the presidential election. Let them learn this lesson the hard way. This decision would be horrible for them on multiple levels but it will make them feel better about themselves.

Some liberals know how stupid this is. Conor Friedersdorf writes at the Los Angeles Times:

‘Calexit’ would be a disaster for progressive values

Imagine if President Trump announced that he wanted to oust California from the United States. If it weren’t for us, after all, Trump would have won the popular vote he so lusts after by 1.4 million. Blue America would lose its biggest source of electoral votes in all future elections. The Senate would have two fewer Democrats. The House of Representatives would lose 38 Democrats and just 14 Republicans. The U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, among the most liberal in the nation, would be changed irrevocably. And the U.S. as a whole would suddenly be a lot less ethnically diverse than it is today.

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For those reasons, Trump, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, Republicans with White House ambitions, opponents of legalizing marijuana, advocates of criminalizing abortion and various white nationalist groups might all conclude –– for different reasons –– that they would benefit politically from a separation, even as liberals and progressives across America would correctly see it as a catastrophe…

At a moment of great urgency, as a subset of those who govern us veer toward authoritarianism, Yes California Independence is sucking up attention on a gambit that is highly unlikely to succeed, and that existentially threatens Democrats if it does. The 2018 midterms could change the course of U.S. history. They will determine whether Trump will continue to govern without meaningful restraint from congressional Republicans — who’ve abandoned conservative principles to exploit his populism — or face a newly invigorated opposition party willing to investigate his conflicts of interest.

There’s a huge downside to the Calexit movement, and no real upside.

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If California secedes, will they enforce their border? How? How will they defend themselves from attacks by hostile enemies? How will they keep from going broke in a matter of years? How will they provide drinking water to their people?

These are just a few of the massive issues supporters of Calexit haven’t thought through.

Let them do it. Let them fall flat on their faces.

The rest of the U.S. will be much better off without them.



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