LGBT History Curriculum Unanimously Adopted By California Schools

LGBT History Curriculum Unanimously Adopted By California Schools

If you’re like a lot of parents and think your kids are getting an adequate education in the public schools, by learning to read, write, and solve quadratic equations, you may, or may not, be right on that front, but what your kids will be learning, in California public schools, is the history of LGBT Americans. Certainly a valuable basket of knowledge for them to have as they enter the world and workforce, right? And it starts early, in grade school and is reinforced through out their public education careers.

CBS Los Angeles reported the curriculum starts in second grade by teaching (socially engineering) kids about families with two moms or two dads. And in subsequent years they learn how the state benefited from gay immigrants and how they shaped the state of California. Are you shaking you head, yet?

“In second grade, California students will learn about families with two moms or two dads. Two years later, while studying how immigrants have shaped the Golden State, they will hear how New York native Harvey Milk became a pioneering gay politician in San Francisco.”

And isn’t it even more special that the state board of education unanimously approved the requirement that  “public schools to include prominent gay Americans and LGBT rights milestones in history classes?”

Additionally, censorship was an integral part of the newly approved policy because there will be absolutely no adversarial material allowed to challenge the new curriculum. No critical thought allowed.

The law also prohibited classroom materials that reflect adversely on gays or particular religions. Conservative opponents argued that it should be up to parents to decide how and at what age to broach sexual orientation with their children and made two unsuccessful efforts to repeal the law.

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While parents in California, and across the country may, or may not, wish to teach their kids about such issues that reflect their own values, it’s clear that this state doesn’t want their influence in these decisions. And maybe this isn’t so much an issue of whether or not you agree with LGBT rights, but how and when you wish to teach your children about it. After all, social issues that dominate public school curriculums leave little room to reinforce quality educational programs replete with sciences, technology, math, great literature, etc.

If there is a larger message here, it just might be that parents have lost control of all their child rearing decisions to the government run school systems.

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