LGBT Voters For Trump Say They Are ‘100 Percent On Board’ For 2020

Trump has an excellent record with the LGBT community and the left will never give him credit for it.

Trump entered office approving of gay marriage, unlike Obama and Biden.

The left wants gay people to be afraid of Trump and Pence but there’s just nothing to fear. Trump and Pence have proved it over four years.

As a result, there are plenty of people in the LGBT community who are happy to support Trump in 2020.

NBC News reports:

Trump Pride: Gay Republicans on why they’re backing the president

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Jason Rogers doesn’t consider himself particularly politically involved. But he’s voted in every presidential race since 1996.

“My first election was Clinton’s second term — and I voted for him,” said Rogers, a corporate lawyer in Dallas. “Since then, I’ve voted for Gore, George W., Obama and Romney.”

On Nov. 3, he’ll be pulling the lever for Donald Trump for the second time.

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“I had every intention of voting for Hillary in 2016, but Comey had released his statement the day before, giving me all sorts of doubts,” Rogers, 44, said. “I wasn’t thrilled with Hillary as a nominee, and I don’t trust the Clintons at all, but she acted more presidential. At the last minute, I went with Trump and have had no regrets since.”…

Phil Kazmierczak, a gay real estate agent in Virginia who said he’s “100 percent on board” with the president, blames Democrats for fixating on identity politics.

“They force you to believe, with the help of liberal media bias, that you are no more than your sexuality or your gender or your race,” Kazmierczak said in an email. “They want you to believe that someone is constantly coming for your rights. If you’re gay, specifically, Democrat propaganda states that the Republicans are going to take away your rights.”

Everyone is welcome on the Trump train. These folks are awesome.

You won’t see that on CNN!



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