Liberal Actress Taking A Year Off From Hollywood To “Fix Our Democracy”

Liberal Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence has been very critical of President Trump. Now she says she is taking a year off from acting to save our democracy. How big of her.

Breitbart reports:

Jennifer Lawrence Taking a Break from Acting to ‘Fix Our Democracy’

Hollywood A-lister Jennifer Lawrence says she’s taking a sabbatical from acting so she can help “fix our democracy.”

“I’m going to take the next year off,” Lawrence told Entertainment Tonight, explaining how she will work with a self-described anti-corruption nonprofit during her break from film. “I’m going to be working with this organization as a part of Represent.US… trying to get young people engaged politically on a local level.”

“It doesn’t have anything to do with partisan [politics]. It’s just anti-corruption and stuff trying to pass state by state laws that can help prevent corruption, fix our democracy.”

The Hunger Games star hinted at her desire to take a break from acting last November, telling Elle magazine that she plans to trade the limelight for a farm and activism.

“I want to get a farm,” the Academy Award-winner told the lifestyle magazine. “I want to be, like, milking goats.”

It must be nice to have the means to suddenly decide to take a year off. Hopefully, Lawrence will let us know when she has solved all of our problems for us.

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