Liberal Bill Maher Uses The “N” Word ON THE AIR (VIDEO)

In what has been an utterly abysmal week for liberal “comedian” Kathy Griffin and her ISIS inspired photo op we can now add a new comedian to the list of outrageous behavior on a national platform: Bill Maher. While interviewing Senator Ben Sasse, Bill described himself as a ” house n.”

The Daily Beast reported:

Maher’s terrible, off-color—and frankly, more than a little racist—joke received a mixture of groans and laughter from the audience. Sen. Sasse was pretty firmly in the laugh camp, red-faced and grinning (albeit nervously) from ear-to-ear. Why the senator chose to play along instead of correcting Maher or saying anything is anyone’s guess.

To the groaners in the crowd, Maher asserted, “It’s a joke.” But that excuse isn’t nearly good enough. Twitter, understandably, came after the comedian for using the N-word—a term of racial subjugation and oppression that is never OK for white people to use, in any context.

Why the Senator would let a racial slur go on unchallenged in his presence on LIVE TV is beyond the pale and there is no doubt that he should be reprimanded by the RNC and should issue an apology immediately. As for leftist lunatic Bill Maher, it will be interesting to see how HBO and liberals react, as the left begins to cannibalize itself.

See the video below:

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Maher has since apologized but what was he thinking?


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