Liberal Celebs Say America Founded On Sexual Orientation Diversity (VIDEO)

DNC Dunham

Somehow, it’s hard to believe the founding fathers sat around discussing the Constitution and debated whether or not to include issues of sexual orientation diversity. But, true to form, liberal Democrats seek to manipulate and change history again, and they are taking advantage of the DNC media draw to tell you that issues of sexual orientation are among the most important issues buried, somewhere, in the Constitution.

Should we challenge them to find that anywhere in the founding documents, or is it too much to ask that speakers actually read the Constitution before they get before a national convention and national television cameras and pontificate the founder’s intent when they penned the documents?

Breitbart reported this….

Television star America Ferrara gave viewers a free lesson in U.S. history Tuesday night, telling an adoring crowd at the Democratic National Convention that the Founding Fathers were united in tolerance of diverse sexual orientations.

“This country was founded on the belief that what sets us apart—race, language, religion, sexual orientation—should not dissolve what binds us,” Ferrara declared to applause.

The star of “Ugly Betty” went on to explain that she owed her exceptional knowledge of American history to the public school system.

Despite Ms. Ferrara’s convictions to the contrary, the United States was not founded on the belief that differences in race, language, religion and sexual orientation “should not dissolve what binds us.”

In all thirteen original colonies, sodomy was a capital offense, following the English tradition that made it a capital felony for any person to “commit the detestable and abominable vice of buggery with mankind or beast.”

Eventually the harsh sentence of death was mitigated and in Pennsylvania’s “An Act Amending the Penal Laws” (1786), a provision was included that anyone convicted of “robbery, burglary, sodomy, or buggary” should suffer, not death, but the forfeit of all his lands and goods and servitude for a term “not exceeding ten years.”

And despite the fact that many of the American founders did, in fact, wear wigs, none would have thought of himself as a crossdresser.

Desperation sometimes makes people see/feel situations different from what they really are. So very sad that so many people in the country are willing to follow this line of thinking and forego rational critical thought.

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