Liberal Chris Matthews Warns Democrats: “Don’t Make Fun Of The Pro-Life People” (VIDEO)

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews actually said something worth listening to on the air recently. He pointed out that one of the ways Trump won was by listening to the people who felt they had been discarded by the Democrats.

FOX News reports:

Chris Matthews: Many pro-life voters feel Democrats ‘look down’ on them

MSNBC host Chris Matthews said Monday that Democrats turned their back on Middle America, particularly the working class and pro-life Americans.

Matthews said voters in rural swing states put their faith in President Trump because they feel marginalized and abandoned by the Democratic Party.

“I think they knew there’s a great party going on among the liberal elite with all their Hollywood buddies — and they weren’t invited. Nobody wants to go to a party they haven’t been invited [to] … And that’s the attitude people have” Matthews said. “They’ve been looked down on.”

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Matthews is set to host an Ohio voter forum in Dayton, and said middle Americans feel “discarded” and mocked by the country’s left-wing political elite…

“A friend of mine once said, people don’t like — he talked about this with relationships between men and women. He said, people don’t mind being used but they mind being discarded,” Matthews said. “And the Democrats have a lot of people out there who feel discarded by them and they’re not too happy about it.”…

“Don’t make fun of the pro-life people. Don’t think they’re lowbrows because they’re not as sophisticated as you are. I think there’s a lot of that attitude that creeps into the vote — ‘oh not only do they disagree with me, they look down on me for caring about life. Oh, I get it. I’m not one of them. I know that.'”

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Watch the video:

Matthews is correct in his estimation here.

Yet there is very little evidence to show that the Democratic party has learned this lesson. They still seem intent on belittling working men and women who voted for Trump and continue to support him.


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