Liberal College Professor Calls Young Black Trump Supporter “A Little Token” (VIDEO)

This apparently happened in Boston recently. A news commentator is arguing with an anti-Trump protester who is also a college professor. When he introduces her to a young black Trump supporter he just met, she starts using racist insults.

From Truth Revolt:

U of Texas Prof Calls Young Black Trump Supporter Racist Names

Owen Shroyer of InfoWars found a racist University of Texas professor at an anti-Trump rally on the streets of Austin, Texas. She said some pretty terrible things to a young black boy who was there in support of the president and it was all caught on video.

Shroyer recognized the young man who was standing there watching the unhinged woman dodge questions. She then insulted the boy, saying:

“You found a nice little poster child… a token little person.”

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Wow. Don’t hold back, lady.

Her name is Pascale Bos and you’ll never guess what she’s a professor of: women’s and gender studies. You can’t make this up. You can read her profile at the UT website, but here’s a bit about Professor Bos:

Pascale Rachel Bos’ research areas include post-45 German & German-Jewish, modern Dutch, and modern Jewish literature & culture; Holocaust; ethnic minorities in Europe; autobiography, cultural memory, trauma, race & gender, sexual violence in armed conflict.

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Watch the video:

This woman is filled with rage and hatred. And she’s a teacher? Unreal.


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