Liberal Columnist: Schiff And The “Whistleblower” Should Testify

Adam Schiff needs to be made to answer some questions.

He should have to testify about his role in the Russia hoax and much more.

Lots of people are coming around to this opinion, even some honest liberals.

John Kass writes at the Chicago Tribune:

The ‘Whistleblower’ and Rep. Adam Schiff should be first to testify in Trump Impeachment Theater

As House Democrats begin the public phase of their impeachment hearings into President Donald Trump this week — over a presidential phone call to Ukraine — I’m forced to use a dirty word.

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If you melt easily, please cover your eyes and ears, or clutch your pearls and gird yourself. Here comes that dirty word:


To a politician, “fairness” is nothing more than a shiv, to be slipped between the ribs with a smile. Politics is never fair. It’s not about who deserves what. Politics is the hand, and government is the club in that hand.

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Americans are realists. What keeps us going isn’t belief in the fairness of Washington media or Washington politicians. What keeps us going is our belief in the ultimate fairness of our fellow Americans. If we lose that, we’re done.

So, I propose that, if nothing else, fairness should rule the televised impeachment hearings run by the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif.

Lots of people are calling out Schiff right now:

History will not be kind to Mr. Schiff.


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