Liberal Journal Calls Kamala Harris ‘The Jan Brady Of The 2020 Race’ And The Left Goes Berserk

People on the left do not take kindly to anyone making fun of the Democrats running for president in 2020, especially if it is coming from their own side.

The liberal journal The Atlantic is taking some major heat for writing this:

Kamala Harris Is the Jan Brady of the 2020 Race

Donald Trump’s favorite word for Kamala Harris is “nasty,” but in the scramble to stick out in the crowded Democratic-primary field, the California senator is battling what she calls “this ‘cautious’ stuff.”

That’s become her caricature on the trail over the past few months, and it crystallized three weeks ago during a CNN town hall in New Hampshire. She kept responding to questions in the same way: ducking direct answers and saying, over and over, that she wanted to have “a conversation” about what to do.

“[Harris] wants to study stuff. [Elizabeth Warren’s] college debt plan is ‘a discussion we should have.’ Reparations is “something we should study,” tweeted the former Barack Obama strategist David Axelrod, annoying but rattling members of the Harris team I spoke with…

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Making people interested in Harris doesn’t seem terribly hard. The campaign’s internal polling shows that she’s the candidate voters want to know more about. But so far, Harris has been the Jan Brady of the 2020 race. She hasn’t been strong enough to qualify as a front-runner, especially now with Biden in the race, sucking up more oxygen than her aides say they anticipated.

As we said, people on the left are NOT happy about this. Take a look:

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OK, this one is funny.

The Atlantic really kicked a hornets’ nest on this one.


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