Liberal Journalist Glenn Greenwald: Democrats Sound Like A Doomsday Cult On Russia: ‘It’s Coming!’ (VIDEO)

Even though the Muller report has been out for weeks now, the Democrats and their friends in media are doing everything that they can to keep the Russia conspiracy alive.

This week, liberal journalist Glenn Greenwald went on the Tucker Carlson show and made this point very well.

Real Clear Politics has a transcript:

Glenn Greenwald: Democrats Sound A Doomsday Cult With Russia, Continue To Promise “It’s Coming”

TUCKER CARLSON, FOX NEWS: Glenn Greenwald founded “The Intercept.” He has followed the Russian story since the very first day. We’re happy to have him for the first time in the studio tonight. Glenn, thanks very much for coming on.

So if you think about it for a second, it’s a little strange that this is continuing since you know the Mueller report is out, the President likely not going to be impeached on the basis of anything the Mueller report found. So what is the point of continuing with the story?

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GLENN GREENWALD, CO-FOUNDING EDITOR, “THE INTERCEPT”: And the point is everything that you just said, namely that for three years, it’s almost been three years. It started in mid-2016. The Democrats have put all their eggs in one basket, which is that they’ve insisted the central theme of the Trump presidency is that he was a Russian agent who collaborated with the Kremlin in the election, and they all agreed that Robert Mueller was going to be empowered to get to the bottom of this and we were all going to accept whatever it was that Mueller found.

And what Mueller found was that the entire conspiracy theory was a hoax, that there’s no evidence to establish that it’s true, and they led their flock to believe for so long and profited greatly from it. Cable networks that did it saw massive increases in their ratings. Newspapers that did it saw huge subscription increases.

They made tons of money exploiting people like con artists, and now it’s kind of like the leader of an apocalyptic Doomsday cult, who keeps promising the world is going to end on a certain date and then the day comes and the world still goes.

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Watch the video:

Greenwald has been making similar points on Twitter lately:

Glenn may be a liberal but he deserves credit for his honesty.


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