Liberal Massachusetts City Drops Effort To Remove Sign Calling Elizabeth Warren A Fake Indian

Cambridge, Massachusetts is one of the most left wing communities on the east coast. Most of the people who live there love Elizabeth Warren, so a sign calling her a fake Indian would cause a lot of distress.

Senate candidate Shiva Ayyadurai is a real Indian and he’s challenging Warren. Some people don’t like his sign but too bad.

The Washington Times reports:

Mass. city rescinds order to remove anti-Warren ‘fake Indian’ campaign signs

That campaign sign dubbing Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren a “fake Indian” no longer faces an existential threat from the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Cambridge officials have withdrawn their April order calling for Independent Senate candidate Shiva Ayyadurai to remove banners on his campaign bus depicting Ms. Warren in a feathered headdress with the slogan, “Only a REAL INDIAN can defeat the fake Indian.”

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As a result, Mr. Ayyadurai filed a motion Thursday to drop his lawsuit accusing Cambridge of violating his free-speech rights, declaring it a “historic victory to protect your right to free speech.”

“If we had not fought and won this battle, the City of Cambridge would have set a historic precedent empowering any bureaucrat sitting in a City Hall across America to squelch your free speech, because they simply didn’t like you or favored a particular political ideology or candidate,” said Mr. Ayyadurai in a statement.

Here’s what the sign looks like:

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Too funny!


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