Liberal Media Almost Completely Ignores Story Of Republican Teen Killed By Leftist In North Dakota Over Politics

This week, a man ran down a teenager in North Dakota with his car, killing him.

Liberal media outlets have almost completely ignored the story, which is stunning, considering the political aspects of the crime.

If a man in a MAGA hat ran down a Democrat teenager with his car, do you think the story would be ignored? Of course not. CNN and MSNBC would be running the story 24/7.

El American reports:

MSM Completely Ignores North Dakota Murder of Young Conservative at Hands of Left-Wing Extremist

ON SEPTEMBER 18, a tragedy took place in North Dakota: a 41-year-old man named Shannon Brandt, according to various press reports, admitted to having run over and killed an 18-year-old conservative, Cayler Ellingson, for allegedly belonging to a “Republican extremist” group.

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According to an affidavit released by Fox News, Brandt ran over Ellingson because he felt “threatened” after an alleged political argument between the two. After the argument, Brandt saw Ellingson in the street. Before Brandt ran over Ellingson, the victim managed to alert his mother that he was being chased. By the time the mother arrived, it was too late…

At the time of publishing this article, almost all left-liberal media — such as The New York Times, CNN or The Washington Post — have ignored this event that has shocked the country. Instead, they covered the story, but omitted important details.

Among the media which have a national audience, only the conservative media—such as Fox News, the Daily Wire, Newsmax or the New York Post– have been covering the story in detail.

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If one does a quick review of the major Twitter accounts of the NYT, CNN or the WaPo, one will notice that they have not mentioned Shannon Brandt’s name as, at the very least, alleged perpetrator of the Cayler Ellingson hit-and-run.

If the killer in this case was a Republican, and the victim was a Democrat, the media would be losing their minds.

They know it, and so does everyone else.


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