Liberal Media Scolds Public For Wanting Votes Counted In A Timely Fashion: ‘This Is Normal’ (VIDEO)

In the last two elections, various states have taken days to count votes.

It never used to be this way, but liberals in media want you to believe it was.

In recent days, various media personalities have insisted that ‘this is normal’ and that ‘it takes time’ to count all the votes.

They all seem to be singing from the same playbook, which makes the situation even more suspicious.

News Busters reports:

Talking Heads Scold Everyone: ‘This Is Normal,’ ‘Counting Takes Time’

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Since election night on Tuesday, the talking heads on broadcast and cable news networks have been pedantically scolding their viewers that “counting votes takes time,” “this is normal,” and everyone needs to please “calm down.”

It’s hard to say whether they sound more like exasperated kindergarten teachers or preachy DMV employees, but either way, it’s incredibly obnoxious…

Undoubtedly the worst case of insufferable talking-down came from former RNC chairman Michael Steele during his ten millionth MSNBC appearance on Wednesday. “This is part of the process, this is normal, don’t get upset,” he chided in a sing-song voice.

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He went on: “This is what this looks like. And I think it’s a matter of informing and re-educating people of what happens in elections!”

On election night, MSNBC’s Katy Tur treated her viewers to this scolding, which she kicked off with a theatrical sigh: “The truth, everyone, as you know, is that it’s gonna take time. And that is normal.”

Watch the video below:

Here’s a newsflash for the folks in the media. This is not normal.

This is an entirely new phenomenon from just the last few years and it always seems to favor Democrats.

Do people in media really believe that the public doesn’t see this?


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