Liberal Media Starting To Worry About Kamala Harris After Stumbles On Latin America Trip

People in liberal media are beginning to be a little nervous about Kamala Harris.

It has been assumed by the media for months that if anything ever happens to Joe Biden, Harris will seamlessly step into his shoes and be a fine president.

After her trip to Latin America, people aren’t as sure as they once were.

Breitbart News reports:

Establishment Media Worry Kamala Harris’ Presidential Chances Are Slipping amid Stumbles

The establishment media worry Vice President Kamala Harris’ presidential chances are slipping after faltering in Latin America last week.

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Axios explained their concern Monday, saying Harris’s stumbles “during her first foreign trip have rekindled the debate from her presidential campaign about whether she — and not her staff — is to blame.”

“Harris also is in a tough spot managing two issues — immigration and voting rights, the latter of which she’s reported to have chosen herself — that have little upside and huge downside,” Axios continued.

Moreover, Slate warned on Thursday that President Joe Biden may be setting her up to fail by putting her in charge of the border crisis and election takeover legislation, which are quickly becoming losing issues for the administration.

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Slate cautioned, “If you look at the assignments Kamala Harris has been given during her tenure as vice president, it’s pretty easy to think that she’s getting the short end of the political stick.”

Even CNN is saying the quiet part out loud:

Here’s a full blooper reel from Kamala’s trip:

Liberals are right to be concerned.

She doesn’t seem ready for prime time.


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