Liberal Prof Blasts Acting AG For Not Backing Trump Refugee Order – “She Made A Serious Mistake” (VIDEO)

Today, Acting Attorney General Sally Yates said she won’t defend Trump’s refugee Executive Order.

She’s a holdover from the Obama Administration.

And she’s only there because the Senate hasn’t yet confirmed Jeff Sessions as the new Attorney General.

Tonight on CNN, renowned law professor and Liberal Alan Dershowitz said what he thought of Yates’ move.

He called it a “mistake” and “holdover heroism.”

Watch (via CNN):

From the video:

Alan Dershowitz: “Sally Yates is a terrific public servant, but I think she’s made a serious mistake here. This is holdover heroism. It’s so easy to be a heroine when you’re not appointed by this president, when you’re on the other side. She made a serious mistake. I think what she should have done is do a nuanced analysis of what parts of the order are Constitutional, what parts are in violation of the statute, what parts are perfectly lawful. There’s an enormous distinction between green card holders on the one hand, people who are in the country and need to be thrown out on the second hand, and people who are simply applying to get visas. There’s also a distinction between what’s Constitutional, what’s statutorially prohibited . . . by lumping them all together, she has made a political decision rather than a legal one.

And Dershowitz is a Liberal!

Democrats keep making errors. Which means Trump keeps winning.

Keep it up, Democrats!

Here’s what Tammy Bruce said:

It will be drained!!

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