Liberal Republican Senator Susan Collins Announces She Will Vote To Acquit Trump On Impeachment (VIDEO)

It’s now pretty clear that the Senate is going to acquit President Trump of impeachment.

Even Senator Susan Collins of Maine, a liberal Republican that Democrats were hoping would side with them, has announced that she will vote to acquit Trump.

This means impeachment is pretty much dead.

FOX News reports:

Republican Susan Collins, key swing-vote senator, announces she will vote to acquit Trump

Maine Republican Sen. Susan Collins, a key swing vote in President Trump’s impeachment trial, announced Tuesday she would vote to acquit on both articles of impeachment — noting that Democrats’ “abuse of power” charge “did not even attempt” to allege that Trump had committed a crime, and instead constituted a “difficult-to-define, non-criminal act.”

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Even as she criticized Trump’s behavior as “flawed,” Collins further slammed House Democrats for delaying transmitting the articles of impeachment to the Senate for more than a month, saying the stalling and posturing undercut their arguments that the president was an imminent threat…

Collins began her remarks on the Senate floor by observing the increasingly partisan nature of the impeachment process.

“For more than 200 years after our Constitution was adopted, only one president faced an impeachment trial before the United States Senate — that was Andrew Johnson in 1868,” she said. “But now, we are concluding our second impeachment trial in just 21 years.”

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“I do not believe that the House has met its burden of showing that the president’s conduct – however flawed – warrants the extreme step of immediate removal from office,” Collins said. Nor does the record support the assertion by the House Managers that the President must not remain in office one moment longer. The fact that the House delayed transmitting the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate for 33 days undercuts this argument. For all of the reasons I have discussed, I will vote to acquit on Article I.”

Watch the video below:

That’s it. Impeachment is over.

If Democrats try to do it again, they won’t be taken as seriously.

They lost. Trump, and America, won.


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