Liberal Rob Reiner Has Total Meltdown On MSNBC As His Impeachment Dreams Slip Away (VIDEO)

Liberal filmmaker Rob Reiner is seeing his dream of impeaching Trump slip away and he is not taking it well.

He appeared on MSNBC this week and when Dem Rep. Van Drew of New Jersey suggested Democrats need to move on to more important matters like healthcare and infrastructure, Reiner flipped out.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Liberal Filmmaker Explodes at Van Drew (D)

Liberal filmmaker Rob Reiner exploded at Representative Jeff Van Drew (D., N.J.) on Friday over not impeaching President Donald Trump.

“The guy’s working with the Russians. He says he is going to continue working with the Russians. The Russians are already playing. We’ve seen the Senate Intelligence Committee tell us that they’re playing right now and they’re working hard to defeat us,” Reiner said. “Are we now saying that we’re just going to give ourselves over to the Russians?

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We beat them in the Cold War, and they’re beating us now in the cyber war. And if we don’t stand up to them, it could be the end of our democracy. And I’m sorry if you lose your seat, but we’ve got to stand up for democracy.”

Van Drew had been making the case that impeachment is overshadowing other issues and that House Democrats couldn’t pass legislation because they were attacking Republicans.

“The bottom line is if what we’re going to say to people, well, we presided over a failed impeachment. That’s our major accomplishment in two years, that’s why you flipped districts. That’s why you changed the majority. I don’t think that does the job,” Van Drew said, “It seems like we’re constantly trying to move on to do something else, and the bottom line is I want us to do good stuff, and we can. One of the reasons we’re not getting certain things done with the other side is because we’re always attacking them.”

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Watch the video:

Reiner has also been throwing an ongoing tantrum on Twitter:

What is this guy going to do if Trump wins again in 2020?


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