Liberal Strategist: Trump Is Winning And The Democratic Party IS ON LIFE SUPPORT

The Left is reacting to Trump’s presidency by protesting because that’s what they know best. But it isn’t working, and while they’re wasting time marching with signs, Trump is eating their political lunch.

Doug Schoen is a longtime Democratic Party strategist and he sees what’s really happening.

He writes at FOX News:

The dirty secret smart Democrats know (but won’t admit) about Trump

President Trump’s shocking victory in November and the tumultuous beginning of his presidency have shattered many assumptions about American politics.

For many liberals and progressives, the weeks since Donald Trump’s inauguration have been filled with soul-searching and even confusion about their place in American politics.

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Trump’s flurry of executive orders, coming in quick succession on matters ranging from federal employment and immigration to reorganizing the National Security Council, have driven deep division within the Democratic party. The reaction to Trump’s action have pitted pragmatic, center-left politicians against protesting activists forming “The Resistance.”

Many Democratic disagreements with Trump’s executive orders are valid and there is a clear opportunity for opposition to Trump on the basis of their faults and flaws.

However, if Democrats want to win back power they cannot do so by moving further left, resisting Trump at every move, and taking to the streets.

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Put simply, the Democratic Party is on life support and there is a quiet, but ruthless, war being fought over its future.

Read the whole thing.

Schoen is correct. The Democrats face the possibility of becoming a politically insignificant party.

Rather than trying to regroup and figure out where things went wrong, they just keep doubling down on outrage over everything Trump does or says.

That’s not a winning strategy.


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