Liberal Supreme Court Justice Suffers A Health Scare – Media Uninterested

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor began her weekend with a health scare. She didn’t have to go to the hospital but emergency services did visit her home.

Politico reported:

Sotomayor at work after health scare

Paramedics were called to the Washington home of Justice Sonia Sotomayor Friday morning, but a Supreme Court spokeswoman said the justice was not hospitalized and went to work Friday after being treated for low blood sugar.

“She experienced symptoms of low blood sugar at her home this morning. She was treated by emergency medical services and is doing fine,” court spokeswoman Kathy Arberg told POLITICO. “She’s at work and following her usual schedule and will be participating in all planned activities over the weekend.”

The episode caused concern to some neighbors of the 63-year-old justice, who lives in an apartment near Washington’s Shaw and Columbia Heights neighborhoods.

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Sotomayor was diagnosed as a child with Type 1 diabetes, which she now controls through a combination of synthetic insulin injections, glucose tablets and regular checks of her blood sugar.

When she was nominated to the high court by President Barack Obama, a doctor’s statement said she practices so-called tight control of her blood sugar. The method can prolong the lives of those with diabetes and prevent serious complications, but risks low blood sugar levels.

We realize she’s not the president but the media didn’t even blink over this after obsessing about Trump’s health for two days.

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